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CAM CHRISTIANSEN, Film Director, Canada

(His film "Echo of Everything" featuring African Ndiguel Group Dance Company is premiering at Hot Docs 2023 in Toronto, the second most important documentary film festival in the world)
I found working with the African Ndiguel Group Dance Company to be very pleasant and has yielded work for my film that is excellent. The performances were great, and costumes and locations were wonderful.  We had some challenges along the way working in multiple languages and cultural differences, but everyone was always accommodating and very trustworthy which was invaluable. I appreciated Yuko's commitment to the project and has been very generous with her time in even assisting with translations etc..

RTL Studios, Germany

It was always very professional and at the same time, like talking to a friend to be in contact with you. I was never afraid to ask you any question even if there were special ideas or needs. You always understood what we needed and what we were searching for. Your answers always came promptly and that was really one of the reasons we decided to work with you, because you made planning everything so much easier.​
I was really totally blown away from all the energy your group has while dancing. I am still talking to all my friends and colleagues here in Germany about that experience seeing the Group dancing. I would totally recommend your Group to anyone who is searching a professional, energetic senegalese dance group.​

Yelly was wonderful and quite more than we expected him to be. As per our request, he made the girls suffer but let them manage the challenge in the final performance. The girls were sometimes not really easy to handle, but Yelly was always kind and understanding. For us Yelly was the perfect Mentor as he was strict, authentic, exciting to watch but always lovely and warm.

  • Professionalism, integrity, timeliness in honouring our agreement

Everything was perfect and honestly, we did not expect that. Concerning all the points above, working with your group was like working in an office in Germany or Switzerland. We never worried about your group concerning the points above. Every single member of your group has been totally professional.

You made everything perfect for us. We are totally satisfied working with you,... far beyond this... without you, Yelly and the perfect work of your whole Group we could not have managed such a nice episode. We did 6 episodes and I think the one we did with you could be one of the best.

Everything I wrote is not only my opinion, please note that my producers as well as the whole team and production team, also, the production manager share my opinion.

Thank you, Yelly and the whole group for everything. Me personally I will never forget that wonderful experience


Anke Winter
Editorial Management


The team was very thorough and always got back quickly. Our brief was complex, and they adapted brilliantly and made us feel very assured things would work out well - which they did.
  • Artistic quality of our performance-Absolutely beautiful dancing - we couldn't have loved it more.

  • professionalism-The team were extremely professional and met us at the event during unsociable hours and were nothing but lovely to deal with.

  • Degree of fulfillment of your objectives and needs-100% - the team were fantastic from start to finish. Utterly professional and we couldn't recommend them more highly.

Saskia Daggett
Campaign Director
TV location in Dakar Senegal for RTL Germany TV show "Llambis Tanzduell" Yelly Thioune master dancer with Oana Nechiti and Kathrin Menzinger and African Ndiguel Group Dance Company
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